What is ESSA?

ESSA, short for Education Support Staff Association, advocates for public education and represents employees of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

ESSA is affiliated with NEA-Alaska, an organization of 13,000+ members who work in Alaska’s public schools.

We are a powerful, united voice for public education employees that provides development to ESSA members in the areas of advocacy, professional development, member involvement, and community engagement.

What do we do?

  • Work behind the scenes to make our schools safe and run smoothly

  • Strengthen the safety net for at-risk children

  • Create strong ties with the community

  • Promote parent involvement and reach out to multi-cultural communities

  • Take pride in hard work and a job well done

  • Demonstrate the importance of people from all different backgrounds working together to help every child succeed

What’s New

Moment to Moment: Teens Growing Up with FASDs: Movie presentation at Raven’s Landing Multipurpose room 19 Oct. 2019 1:00 PM till 3:00PM. Click here for more information.

Policy Assembly: 26 October 10:00 AM Come and shape the future of your union. Check out the Policy Manual here

Contract Tidbits:

9.4 Training for IR and ER Aides

The District shall provide de-escalation and safety strategy training to aides in an IR and/or ER classroom at the beginning of the school year. The District will make a reasonable effort to provide an initial de-escalation and safety strategy training to newly hired aides in an IR and/or ER classroom within thirty (30) days of hire. Aides in an IR and/or ER classroom will be provided collaboration time at the building level with other special education staff, as needed, to provide additional support and training on de-escalation and safety strategies.